Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lots to do!

We have been busy with getting things ready to start the new kennel project. We just got a lot of building supplies for the new dog building that we will start building this week/weekend. Got 250 feet of fencing at the new area right now. We still need to go and take down 477 feet that we located and bought! Now just need to take it down and transport it. So all together with all the fencing we have now, its close to 1100 feet. Which is about what we need. Now you have an idea of how big this new kennel is going to be! :) Its going to be BIG!

Puppies are growing like weeds and are at the age now of keeping me on my toes! They are such a joy to have around. They will be 5 weeks old on Wednesday. Where does the time go? It's cute how all their different personalities are starting to come out. Dixie is the fiesty female, that is really smart! Waylon is the clown, he is just so silly and happy ALLLL the time! Jackson is the wanderer, always on the go, and trys to pull fasts one on me quite often, which he accomplishes more often than he should! :) And typically Tippin is the momma's boy! Whenever I am near or around the pups he is usually all over me, or whining because he can't get to me. He is so cute! :) He is the only one with his ears up!

As far as the big dogs, they are just resting and enjoying the sun and cool breezes they are getting, probably dreaming about their new kennel, I keep telling them about! Yesterday was hot so we let them play for over an hour and changed all their bedding to fresh clean shavings! :)

To end this update enjoy some puppy photos! I will check back in soon.

Pups in the laundry basket after they filled their bellies!

Happy Spring!

~Fort Illio~