Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 KI 30 and Beyond

Last weekend we went to Brownville and put two teams in this race to help support the club and organization for putting this race on every year. This is one of our favorite races to go to because it is just a low key fun race! We both went into this race with just to have fun and use it as a training run for the yearlings. Trail was perfect, temperature was perfect, and the atmosphere of the race was perfect. What more could one ask for. Mom ran 9 dogs in the open class, she had Kaleeta, Cree, Sable, Yentna, Willow, Marocca, Kyat, Ruby, and Nikolai. She had a great run and came back smiling ear to ear! She came in 11 out of 13 teams with the yearling team. And a time of 3 hours and 27 minutes! I ran 10 dogs in the open class, those fabulous 10 are Wat and Bones in lead, Roland, Yoda, Waylon, Hinder, Kaltag, Dixie, Rimbey and Lumos. These guys cruised! I held them back the first 10 miles on the rail road bed, and than when we got in the hills, they loped up them! I was shocked to see them flying up the mountain! They would slow down to a trot for no more than a minute and than pick it right back up again to a lope! They had bigger plans than I did for this race apparently! We came in 3rd place out of 13 teams!! And was the fastest pure bred team! We did 30 miles in 2 hrs and 31 minutes. Here is the link to see the full results! And some photos to enjoy! My team coming into the finish line
Again my team coming into the finish line
Mom's team coming in to finish line
3rd place!!!
Stay tuned for our next race on February 9th in Greenville another 100 miler!! ~Fort Illio~

2013 Eagle Lake Sled Dog Race

On January 19th we entered two teams in the Eagle Lake race. Mom took the yearling team in the 30 mile race, and that team consisted of Kaleeta, Cree, Willow, Yentna, Ruby, Kyat, Sable and Marocca. She had a good run and enjoyed just having a nice laid back run for the yearlings sense this was their first race. I took 12 strong dogs in the 100 mile race. Team was Wat, and Bones in lead, Roland, Yoda, Wallace, Kaltag, Rimbey, Hinder, Waylon, Lumos, Rosa, and Dixie. All 12 finished, but I had to carry Wallace in the sled bag for the last 18 miles due to him being too sore to continue. I believe he fell in a moose hole on the way back to the finish line. He is better now, but had a sore hind leg. Both teams came in strong and we are really proud of their performances! Here is where you can see our results Mom came in 10th out of 11, and I came in 6th out of 9. Mom finishing her first race at Eagle lake!
~Fort Illio~