Saturday, September 19, 2015

Renegade needs a sponsor!!!

Renegade is the next up for sponsorship! A very leggy and lean boy with lots of drive and stamina!! This young boy is incredible, been in lead a few times and shows great potential! He is a speed pusher and really is an asset to the team! This will be his first year seriously racing and we can't wait to show this handsome guy off!!! Renegade enjoys his daily free run times and likes to run and play with the other dogs as well as his pool time!! He says my brother Rev got sponsored now my turn!!! Sponsor Renegade for only $50.00! Click on the link below! Again we appreciate all the help we can get!!!!!

Wallace needs a sponsor!!!!

Next team member is Wallace! Wallace turned 10 years old in May, and still a strong willed boy that can keep up with the teams. He will be leading Mom's race teams this year in some of the shorter races. He has been a very valuable team member in the past has done many races with us the past few years. We got him when he was 4 years old and he has been on the A team ever since! Definitely a rock solid boy and a love bug in the kennel. He gave us some amazing offspring,and they are definitely following in their daddy's foot steps! To sponsor Wallace click on this link below! Thanks again for any help and all the help!! We all really appreciate and won't let you down!!! Now bring on the SNOW!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wat needs a sponsor!!!!

The next team member is Wat! A very tough rock solid lead dog. He has quite the race history including finishing 2 Iditarods with Blake and Jen Freking. He is tough as nails, and such an incredible lead dog. He has led me in several races since he came to our kennel 5 years ago. Hard to believe he is already 10, but his age is definitely not slowing him down any. He is training up with the main team and we are hoping he can lead some of his offspring in some of the up and coming races. It's easy to say probably the best male dog I have ever had the pleasure to have on my team. He is all business and focus, and is the meaning of run hard rest hard. If his offspring turns out only half as good as he is I will be a very happy musher! Wat is in need of some sponsors this year, and as you can see he really deserves them! Go to our website to sponsor Wat for only $50.00!!!!

Waylon needs a sponsor!

The next boy that's up for sponsorship is Waylon! It is an understatement to say that he is one magnificent boy! He has never been injured, a very hard puller, and a major speed pusher! He has run lead many times, and does the best up there when the conditions are tough. He is like a freight train and just plows his way through! Waylon is a love bug in the kennel, and will rub all 72 lbs of him all over you like a cat. Lets make this boy proud and get him some sponsors, he definitely deserves it! Just $50.00 to sponsor this big boy! Thanks in advance! 

Sable is in need of a sponsor!!

 Fort Illio's Saving Able "Sable" is in need of a sponsor!! Sable is an exuberant leader. Very driven and speedy girl! With just turning 4 in June, its easy to say she will be one of the main race leaders this coming year. She has a great appetite, and a very smooth effortless gait! We know this girl will be a big asset to the race teams this year! Only $50.00 to sponsor Sable. Go to our website to sponsor her or any other team members! Thanks in advance!