Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving forward...FINALLY!

First off it has been a really busy summer! The dog kennel has taken more time than we all anticipated but no doubt it will be done in less than two weeks and that is including the play area...it has to be!!!! There is no choice. I want to start training no later than mid August, with hoping to hit the trails around the first or second weekend in August, providing the weather cooperates like the last few years. All depends on the kennel right now. We are making head way and by this weekend the main yard should be done, and we should have a big dent on the play yard. I keep looking at this new and improved area for the dogs, and just can't wait to turn them all loose in it and to see their reactions!! I have some that I believe will just open up their four barrels and let it rip! Can't wait to witness it. Their will be pictures for sure! Hoping to take some this weekend after we get most of it done!

Now for the puppies, they don't really look like puppies anymore, more so like mini adults! But they are great and I have been having a blasts with them being around! I have been taken them on all kind of fun walks, and took them to the brooke about two miles from the house to swim on those blistering hot days, of course they loved it, photos will be below. I need to get new photos of them so you all can see how well they have grown and see the legs they all need to grow into! Nanuk finally made it to Denver, CO to his new home, where I believe he is getting spoiled! :-) (Thanks Will & family) It was a chore and a half to get him on the plane, but it all worked out in the end. Remind me to never deal with DELTA again! Pictures of the big boy in his new home will be below as well.

Just thought I would give everyone a quick update. Hoping to update in a couple weeks with the new kennel pictures with the dogs enjoying it! Stay tuned! And enjoy the photos below!
All the pups enjoying the water, we took all 8 dogs to the river at once! What fun!!!
Nanuk at the office with his new dad!

~Fort Illio~