Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trip to MN, and MISC. News...

Well the trip to MN went great! No issues on the way there or on the way back, PHEW! :) It was a quick trip unfortunately, where we both had to get back to work way too early. Regardless we still had a great visit with Blake and Jen, baby Elena, and dogs. We brought back our newest addition Bones, who is settling in fabulously! He is really taking to me a lot lately, loves the one on one attention of being groomed, but not the actual grooming itself. Mom bought the dogs this Kong ball and he loves it, so while being groomed he constantly has that in his mouth, and taking all anger and frustration out on that! That is the type of character that boy is! Always gets my laughing every time I go in the dog yard, which is many times a day! :) We ran him for the first time last weekend, and he was phenomenal. He definitely did not look like a yearling that's for sure! Some of my favorite pictures for you to enjoy of MN and Bones are below, the rest can be see at this link.
Kotka's nephew (Hickory)
Bones Mom (Domita)

Now some sad news, we lost our Ryder boy on the 19th of Aug. Shortly after we got back from MN. He wasn't eating, checked him all over and his gums were yellow. Turns out after taking him to the vets that he had Liver cancer. His liver levels were 3634
and 2614, where they are supposed to be between 100-200. How this happened so fasts and sudden is beyond me. It was very devastating and shocking for us. He was only 8. And prior to the lasts 4 days of his life, he was fine...that just shows us once again how quick cancer works its way through. He was a very valuable team member, and is going to be deeply missed off the team this year. Fortunately we have some pups from him, that hopefully will carry his same drive and determination he had.
Bonnie Lundburg had sent this to me when I lost Ryder, I think it is perfect! :) "Doggie Heaven"

On a brighter note we have been out a couple of times with the cooler mornings here in Maine. Team is looking good, and it looks like we will be able to make it out towards the end of this week as well. I imagine within the next week or so, training will be a lot more consistent, once the weather cools down for good. I am looking forward to this racing year, we are signed up for 2 100 mile races, as well as the Can Am 60 again. Should be an adventurous year... but than again when isn't it!?

Well I think that is all the news for now! Phew! Hoping to get some more pictures of the puppies that are not so much puppies anymore, and the new boy Bones soon. Stay tuned!

Hope for cooler weather!

~Fort Illio~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well I can say the kennel is done for the mosts part!! We just have a few odd and end stuff to touch up on, but when don't you!? The dogs love the new kennel, and can really get moving in it, but they still arn't so sure of the play yard yet. When we turn them all loose they have all three sections of kennel to run in, the boy yard, girl yard and play yard. So of course they run out in the play yard, but as of right now they spend mosts of their time in eachothers areas scrounging for food or smelling everything. I believe they will be enjoying the play yard a little more in a few weeks when we can really start training heavy. They will never want to leave the play yard! LOL! With this new setup we can leave right from the yard. We got to practice that last weekend where it was cool enough to run! Oh what luxury it was to hook up at your own yard and not have to truck somewhere! It was so nice! :) Dogs were great on the new trails, and listened well to all the commands. We definately had the leaders on their toes with all the new commands, and coming out of the gate and going back in, all did so well! Pictures below.

Now we have been trying to get the dog building done ASAP. It's always a working progress, but we are coming along on it, and it will be so nice to have a building just for dog stuff! Can't wait to get it all organized. Pictures below as well.

Puppies are growing like weeds! In a week or so they will be on tie outs, so I am sure they will be telling me off about that. :) It's that time. They are so smart, and fun to have around! :)

This week we are heading to MN to get one more addition to Team Fort Illio. Stay tuned for more details. Well thats all the news for now. Enjoy all the photos! And pray for cooler weather!

~Fort Illio~

Dog building
4-wheeler ready for some dogs!
Exit Gate
Play yard
1st Training run of the season :)
Dixie and Waylon
Tippin with my camera case.
Waylon and Tippin
Dog Building
Handsome Waylon
Dixie and Tippin