Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Leaves are starting to change color....

Leaves are starting to change color, and yes that can only mean one thing...fall is here! The cooler weather during the days, the fall breeze and the crisp mornings, sure make some happy huskies in my neck of the woods! So yes consistent training has started for the huskies and they are very vocally happy about that! If you don't believe me just ask Rosa! Where in the early month of August we were getting up at 4:30 in the morning to get the team out while it was cool enough, it has become an ritual for the team to set their alarms off at 4:00 A.m, and 4:15, and 4:30, and and and...you get the picture, they want to run! The team is doing really great this year and we even have a few up and coming leaders. More on that later.

And I am sure you are wondering about the puppies, they have grown so fast and are all so smart. Cree's babies are so obedient and big! As Kyat's babies are just starting to learn about all the adventures, and of course learning how to sit. Most all of them have it nailed by now, but I will tell you it's quite a chore teaching 8 puppies to sit at the same time, compared to only 3! I certainly had my hands full that's for sure! The big puppies play with the big dogs now, and everybody gets a long great. So again all are happy.

It has been a very good and busy summer here at Fort Illio, got a lot of projects done, finished a bunch of stuff...we have been busy with the pups of course! I can easily say I love having puppies around and watching them learn, and get brave! What a joy to watch for sure.

Well that's about all the news here, here are some photos to enjoy!

~Fort Illio~