Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Puppies Puppies and more Puppies!

Kyat had her babies on the evening of Oct 27th and into the day on Sunday. She did an awesome job whelping 10 puppies! We have 7 girls and 3 boys! 9 piebalds and 1 black and white like dad (Wallace). There will be female pups available out of this litter. Email me at fortilliokennels@yahoo.com with any interest in this litter. Kyat has finished the Iditarod in 2008. And now is a key leader on my race teams. Wallace is always on the race teams driving hard and is one of my main leaders as well! I can't wait to see the potential these pups have! The litter theme is The Fast Litter! Because both parents are fast and driven! Here are the names! Ft. Illio's Rubber Patch (Patches) (F) Ft. Illio's Rev It Up (Rev) (M) Ft. Illio's Accelerator (Ace) (M) Ft. Illio's Elusive Renegade (Renegade) (M) Ft. Illio's Cloud Of Dust (Dusty) (F) Ft. Illio's Rapid Breeze (Breeze) (F) Ft. Illio's Speed Of Light (Lightening) (F) Ft. Illio's Dashing Mad (Dasher) (F) Ft. Illio's Be There In A Jif (Jiffy) (F) Ft. Illio's Adrenaline Rush (Addy) (F) Now some photos to see these special babies!!
Now some other news, we also got two pups out of my friend Maggie Weys litter she had this summer! So meet Drake and Velvet!
Velvet Other news is the teams are doing great this season and we have quite a few up and coming leaders! That's all the news for now! ~Fort Illio~