Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wild Wild West...Yet Again!!! :)

You think I would just move out there already! LOL! But responsibilities always seem to get in the way of dreams...SIGH

So yes I yet again made another trip out to MN. This time Mom and I went along with Jaye and Shane, it was a great trip, just long! It's funny how I forget all the time how long of a drive it is out there and back.

So of course we had a great and too short of a visit with Blake, Jen and their beautiful daughter Ellie, and of course all the furry creatures they have! It was a great time, but as usual way too short. And as I am sure you are all wondering, where you know I don't go to MN and not bring anything back to Maine. So there are two females here, one of which is visiting and the other is staying permanently. More about them later.

That's about all the news here, just been catching up on summer projects, getting the puppy building ready, its all wired, now we just have to insulate and put the walls up, and than get the whelping area set up. It's going to be nice. Cree is pregnant so she will be the first to use it. She is due at the end of the month. We have been busy building dog houses as well, replacing some old ones, and just building some news ones, for the new babies being born! It's never ending...

Dogs have just been lounging and playing hard during play time. We have been still running them on ATV, and plan to until it's gets to warm. The dogs seem to love it! Below are some photo's of the dogs running, and playing. Enjoy!

Well that's all for now until puppy time!

~Fort Illio~

Marocca and Dixie playing

Early morning run

The new girls, Kyat and Rosa

Water break

Stormy moves on...

At the Greenville Race this year we met a really nice couple, that had Siberians, and they just fell right in love with Storm! I was thinking about placing Storm in a smaller kennel, where he would get more attention, and to help teach Mark and Katina's younger dogs what sledding is all about. Turns out it was a match made in heaven, and we couldn't be happier that Stormy is in a great home, and being spoiled like he deserves!! Thanks a lot Mark and Katina for sharing your life with Storm, and we hope he is what you wanted!

Storm with his new family (Mark & Katina)

Storm counter surfing

~Fort Illio~