Sunday, May 31, 2015

Catch up!

So I realize it has been awhile sense I last posted on this! Been very busy with finishing up college. Finally graduated as a Veterinary Technician. Need to take the big test within the next couple of months to become Licensed. And than I will be done with that chapter and onto some more exciting things! 

This past March we made yet another trip out to Blake and Jen Freking's Kennel and picked up two new pups! Edda and Hydro. They bring some exciting new lines to our kennel and we are excited to have them become apart of the team. 

We have been getting the teams out as much as possible and when the temperatures allow. Really hoping we can continue this all summer, but with the humidity I doubt it. We have some exciting new and young leaders coming up and should have a very good racing season next year. We have some big plans this race season, as long as things all fall into place! More on that later. 

My knee is healing nicely, I have about 90% movement back, and can stretch it out 100% without too much pull. Doing stretches and exercises to get it back into shape. Slowly but surely! That is definitely one body part I never want to injure again... Such a long recovery time. UGH! 
Anyhow no more news really until we have pups, which hopefully will be by the end of summer! 
*Stay Tuned*
Fort Illio Kennels