Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brownville Race Jan 31st 2015

With temperatures, weather and my last year of college this year hasn't been the greatest for us to get the team to the races! However we were able to pull off a fun race in Brownville Maine. Mom ran 6 dogs in the 20 mile class, and those fabulous 6 were, Wallace and Roland leading, with Drake and Komatsu behind, followed in wheel was Kubota and Timberjack. She had a nice clean run, very slow going due to the night before and half the morning they got about a foot of fresh snow. But she had fun and made it an positive experience for her younger dogs on the team. Her time was 2 hrs and 55 minutes and came in 8th place out of 12 teams! I ran the open class with 10 dogs and did 30 miles. My team was Wat, Bones, Kaltag, Rev, Sable, Throttle, Ace, Renegade, Waylon and Hinder. We came in 3rd out of 4 teams with a time of 3 hrs and 40 mins. Team worked really hard and did everything I had asked them to. The week before this race I had whiped out on an icey section of trail and tore my left knee, it kept popping in and out the rest of the way home with the team, which was 7 miles. I wasn't going to run this race due to my knee, but the trail was slow, and I really wanted to get the younger dogs exposed to a race. Especially the ones that have never raced before. So I pushed through it, but wasn't able to help the team at all. But we had fun none the less and that is what it is all about! :) We also had loaned out a few dogs at the race as well. Linda Powers ran Dixie in lead on her 20 mile team. And than Catherine Benson ran Yoda, Rosa, and Nikolai in the open 30 mile class. All dogs did well and finished strong.

Just want to take the moment and thank everyone for the support and help we have received in the past! Makes things a little easier for us that's for sure!

Not sure if we are going to do anymore races this year or not. Haven't really had the teams out much due to my knee, and how I keep re injuring it. I guess I need to just let the knee heal and worry about next year. Next year we have BIG plans and so stay tuned for them!

Meanwhile here are some photos of the race! Enjoy!

 Getting ready for take off!
 Taking Off!
 At the truck, teams are waiting!
 At the starting line!
 Coming into the finish!
 Coming into the finish!
 Mom taking off!
All the trophy winners!