Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall is our favorite time of year... well that is until SNOW COMES!

It has been awhile sense we checked in. A lot of things new going on here! I am still in college and now am in all the good classes where we are learning so much and doing a lot of hands on stuff! Way better than text books that's for sure! The only downfall with school is now it is way more demanding than before so racing may not be what we want it to be this year. We may be lucky to get in two races this year. But time will tell.

Of course this is the year that the teams are really rocking and we have more training runs and miles on than we have EVER had this time of year. It is amazing to me because with mom being down from back surgery and me running 28 dogs (two teams) we are able to keep the teams rolling and really putting in some outstanding runs! Mom will be down until about mid January so no running dogs for her until then! Thanks that I have my boyfriend Dj, his kids and great neighbors (Late Start Kennel) for helping me get the teams out safely!

I have 14 veterans on my team this year and they really are rocking! We have more leaders than ever before and they all want to lead all the time! On moms team she has all the yearlings and a few older team members to help train those crazy yearlings! The yearlings are doing amazing this year, and it is so fun to watch them really get it and have such drive!

Dixie's pups are growing like weeds, and when I say that they are all legs! I will post some photos of them in this blog! As well as some training run photos.

Well got to get back to studying. Hope all are enjoying their fall time! Until next time here are some photos! 
 Wat and Kaltag
 Puppy team
 Dixie and Wat's pups
Wat and Yoda

Happy Trails!

~Fort Illio~