Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Up Before the Sun!

With it being a very warm August, we have been getting up around 4-4:30 in the mornings to make sure we get two teams out before the temperatures rise rapidly! Here are some photos to enjoy!
The boy team
Dixie and Kaleeta leading the girl team
Ruby says "This is my dish!"
WaYlon's first time in lead and he ROCKED!!!

Doggie Sponsors!

It's that time of year again! Race entries are starting to get filled out and sent in for registrations! And of course we are all dreaming about snow, and the upcoming season. The farmers almanac is stating that the New England region is going to get lots of snow and have very cold temperatures... I say BRING IT ON!!! We are very excited to now have two teams entering the races this year! Yes you heard me right, MOM will be racing the puppy team in the 30 mile races this year!! So with saying this any help that you provide will help us get that much closer to the races and meeting our goals this year with our very talented team of dogs. You can do any type of donation you wish, we nor the dogs are picky at all! :) But to help give you some ideas we have a sponsorship page on our website. Or you can sponsor your favorite dog for just $50.00! We really appreciate any help that you may be able to provide! Happy Fall!!!!!! ~Fort Illio~

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fall is approaching!

Not to much has been happening this summer, dogs have been lounging in the sun and getting pool/play time every day. A little over a week ago we were able to get the teams out one cool July morning, but sense then the weather has gone back to being miserably hot and humid! We all will be glad when Fall arrives and we hear the thundering of the dogs feet cruising down the trails! Just keep telling ourselves...SOON! No girls have come into season yet, so no puppies as of yet. Hoping that changes soon, but time will tell. I just got my school schedule for classes this fall, and needless to say that is leaving us pretty excited for the upcoming season. If we have a good winter, this will set us up nicely for some big things here at Fort Illio! More information on this topic later. Well just doing a quick update, not too much going on, but here are some photos to share! ~Fort Illio~
Wallace "Did somebody say SNOW!?"
Ruby and Hinder
New Kennel sign up!
Puppy team wallowing through the tall grass!