Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall Training

Hey there everyone! Fall training is going fantastic! We have a lot of young leaders coming up, and we are very excited about that! We are very excited about this coming season and hope to make it to quite a few races this season. Including a new 100 mile race in NH and hopefully a couple other exciting races! Stay tuned! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall!

~Fort Illio~

Fort Illio's Elusive Renegade needs a sponsor!!

Renegade is the next up for sponsorship! A very leggy and lean boy with lots of drive and stamina!! This young boy is incredible, been in lead a few times and shows great potential! He is a speed pusher and really is an asset to the team! This will be his first year seriously racing and we can't wait to show this handsome guy off!!! Renegade enjoys his daily free run times and likes to run and play with the other dogs as well as his pool time!! He says my brother Rev got sponsored now my turn!!! Sponsor Renegade for only $50.00! Click on the link below! Again we appreciate all the help we can get!!!!!

Fort Illio's Accelerator needs a sponsor!!!

Meet Fort Illio's Accelerator! "Ace" is no doubt a spitting image of his daddy Tumnatki's Wallace in looks, personality and DRIVE!! He is so driven and wants to be up front all the time. While being in lead he really sets a nice clean pace and can really cover some ground quickly. Very focus and willing to please. We really expect bright things from this magnificent boy in the future! He is a love bug in the kennel and will follow you around everywhere. This season is his first serious racing season and we expect he will be a huge asset to our teams!If you want to sponsor this great boy you won't be sorry! He will be a very fun dog to follow this season! To sponsor got to our website and click on the sponsorship link, just $ 50.00!!!

Yoda needs a sponsor!!!

Jedeye Yoda Of Manitou has definitely been one of my best males on the team. Always a very hard, honest and steady worker. Often goes unnoticed in any team due to him being a calm patient boy. He just goes about doing his job and doesn't cause any fuss or ruckus. Not a leader, but is a force anywhere else on the team! One of the best puppy trainers we have, and I can't even count how many puppies he has trained, such a patient boy. He has great feet, and a real zest for life! A cuddle bug in the kennel. He has finished many races and never has been injured! If you are interested in sponsoring this great boy please go to our website or get in touch with me on here!!! Thanks again everyone we really appreciate it and can't wait to get to the races!!!

Jedeye Ruby Of Fort Illio Needs a sponsor!!

Jedeye Ruby Of Fort Illio is a 4 year old girl with a lot of power and drive. A very easy going girl anywhere on the team and in the kennel. An absolute perfect dog to own. Great eater, great feet, great on the team anywhere, very obedient, and gets along with anyone!!! She is a very lovable and bouncy girl, and will lead a team but does it with such personality, it makes the run a very fun one! If you want to sponsor this all around dynamic girl than please go to our website and click on the sponsor link! Only $50.00!!! Thanks to everyone!!