Thursday, November 10, 2011

Training is in full swing...

Well I think it's about time for yet another blog. I want to start off with how awesome the team is looking this year! They are rocking. They are taking everything we are throwing at them, and coming back wanting more! LOVE IT! I swear this team thinks they can take on the world! Which is what we all want!

We are now up to doing longer runs, which take a good part of the day, so on the off days or the evenings it is puppy time. Which means they either come in the house for an hour or so to just hang out, or we take them out in the big yard and let them free run for an hour or so! Well the other morning the impatient piebalds, earned their nickname well. This litter has been impatient sense the moment they came out of their mother, and I can easily blame that on their father Roland, who is one of the most impatient dogs I know! Anyhow the pies were busy while we were on our morning run, and dug out of their yard which resulted with them being loose in the male yard. Well most all of the males were with us on the team, they only got to bug the retirees, which don't pay much attention to the pups anyways. But weren't those four pups prouder than peacocks running around watching us come across the field and back in the yard. So that was the day we decided to introduce the pies to the big dogs, all went great and the pies love having more dogs to pick on and gang up on besides their siblings and mom all the I liked the ending result of them all being totally crashed afterwords!

Basically just catching everyone up to speed, all is well at Fort Illio. Dogs are doing awesome, and pups are growing up so nicely! Here are some photo's to enjoy, until next time! Happy Trails!

~Fort Illio~

The team

Pups crashed


Pups meeting big dogs

Pups running

Pups in the house, They all know where the treats live!

Dixie the clown!