Monday, December 3, 2012

Joyful Puppies

Kyat and Wallce's pups have grown up so fast and definitely became quite the characters! They are surely keeping us entertained with their crazy play times and happy attitudes! With that being said here are some fun joyful photos for you all to enjoy, and to hoping you all have Happy Holidays to come!
Fort Illio's Coud Of Dust (Dusty) (F)
Fort Illio's Accelerator (Ace) (M)
Fort Illio's Adrenaline Rush (Addy) (F)
Fort Illio's Rapid Breeze (Breeze) (F)
Fort Illio's Dashing Mad (Dasher) (F)
Fort Illio's Full Throttle (Throttle) (F)
Fort Illio's White Lightening (F)
Fort Illio's Rubber Patch (Patches) (F)
Fort Illio's Elusive Renegade (M)
Fort Illio's Rev It Up (Rev) (M) There are some female pups available out of this litter, if interested email me at ~Fort Illio~