Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We did it!!! We finished our first 100 mile race, and I can easily say we are hooked and there WILL be plenty more to come! What a blasts it was! We did however came in last place, but we learned a lot on this race, and know it will benefit us in the years to come.

We left the starting shoot at 9:02 A.M. with bib number 2. The team was Kaleeta and Watt in lead, with Cree and Roland in swing, Wallace, Yoda, Aryan, Marocca Bones, and Rimbey and Lumos. The team flew across the 4 miles of lake, and crossed the two roads, and we were under way. We didn't get passed until we were about 8 miles out when Adam Cummings and a few other Alaskans teams, breezed by us. It was a little warmer than I would of liked but that is one thing we can't control for sure. About 20 miles out, I had to bag my 65 lb dog (Aryan) he rode in the sled for about 5 miles, and he certainly picked the toughest miles to ride in the sled for, where it seemed like it was all up hill, he seemed sore on his front... After the 5 miles he was screaming his head off, and wanted back on the team, back on the team he went. He settled right in to a nice pace and away we went. It was really getting warm at this point, and we were trudging along. A little after 3 P.M. we pulled into the checkpoint, and I can easily say the dogs looked a lot better than me, I was hot and tired and thirsty! First thing first take care of the dogs and get them bedded down for some rests. I hooked down the front of the team, removed booties, undid tuglines, fed everyone, checked dogs over well, and treated two slight sore shoulders, everyone was in great spirits and bedded down within 40 minutes of pulling into the checkpoint! Not bad for a rookie! Once the team was secure and calm, I felt safe enough to go to the bathroom get some chilly and two bottles of water and some energy boost...CHOCOLATE!!! Back out to check on the team, and they were sitting up at this point watching all the teams pulling out. I talked to mom and Jaye and Jayes handler for awhile, and than it was about time for Jaye to pull out. I was scheduled to leave about 45 mins after her. The 45 minutes went by fasts, as I was getting the team rebooted and gearing them up to go. I put on their red collars and we set out across the lake. At first I was wondering if the team was even going to go, but heading out of the checkpoint they surprised me and kicked it over drive and we literally tore out of there!!! I put on the Ipod and away we rolled. The first 20 miles went by so fasts as we were averaging 14 mph. I caught the team that left about a half hour ahead of me and passed her, which later on we played leap frog throughout the last part of the race. The snowstorm hit us about 24 miles from the finish line and it was coming down so fasts, that visibility was null all the time! I could only see the two dogs in front of the sled. I was soaked, and hot, and was just running up hill after hill after hill. Finally we crossed the finish line around midnight. I dropped Wallace at the checkpoint due to a sore hind end, but the other 10 dogs all finished the race, and finished happy and strong! I can easily say what a great experience! And thanks to everyone who helped us get to this goal!!! And especially thanks to my mom and step dad Mike! :)

Enjoy the photos below!

~Fort Illio~

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our first race of the season...

Last weekend was our first race of the season, it was the low key 33 mile race we go to every year in Brownville Maine. As always the club and organizers put on a great race! As well as having all the volunteers around to help was a huge advantage.

The team was Kaleeta, Cree, Wat, Roland, Yoda, Marocca, Rimbey, and Lumos! We did the full 33 miles in 3 hrs and 23 mins, with only a few minutes behind 12 dog teams. We were the fastest 8 dog team to come in, and looked extremely strong coming in. That to me is our goal! Here is the link for the results http://www.critterwoods.com/RACE%20RESULTS.htm As well as some photos below to view, all 3 photos are of us coming in after running 33 miles! Enjoy! Now we are gearing up for the 100 miler race this weekend, stay tuned!!

Happy Trails!!!

~Fort Illio~