Friday, October 9, 2015

Fort Illio's Accelerator needs a sponsor!!!

Meet Fort Illio's Accelerator! "Ace" is no doubt a spitting image of his daddy Tumnatki's Wallace in looks, personality and DRIVE!! He is so driven and wants to be up front all the time. While being in lead he really sets a nice clean pace and can really cover some ground quickly. Very focus and willing to please. We really expect bright things from this magnificent boy in the future! He is a love bug in the kennel and will follow you around everywhere. This season is his first serious racing season and we expect he will be a huge asset to our teams!If you want to sponsor this great boy you won't be sorry! He will be a very fun dog to follow this season! To sponsor got to our website and click on the sponsorship link, just $ 50.00!!!

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