Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 5th 2016 Can Am 100 Miler

Going to Fort Kent and running one of our favorite races is always a blast! We haven't been in a few years due to college. Finally was able to make it back up there this year. And yes we had a blast! Unfortunately due to our not so called winter we weren't able to put a team capable of finishing the 250 in this event, but were very happy that they offered a 100 mile race. Perfect! We have a lot of younger dogs that have never seen a race of this length and what great exposure for them to get them ready for next years racing season! So those lucky 10 dogs that got to haul me down Main st. were Bones and Sable in lead, followed by Kaltag and Drake, and than Throttle and Timberjack, Ace and Renegade behind them with Waylon and Hinder in wheel. It was 17 below when we arrived at the race start, but by the time we got out on the trail it had warmed up fast. By 930 parka was coming off, and I put the two sun jackets I packed in my sled on Bones and Drake. What a difference those made and really kept my two dark boys much cooler! Thanks MOM! The trail on the way out was soft and we just trudged a long with no issues. Stopped a few times and let them cool off as well as snacking them. We pulled into the checkpoint at 2:39. Team all ate and drank perfectly and everyone looked to be in great shape. Watered the team twice due to the warmer temps taking a lot out of them. All the rookies rested well and didn't chew any tuglines or necklines, which amazed me! When the 3 hrs were up and we were ready to get back on trail the team was banging and screaming in harness. They took off and clicked along those miles nicely. Trail was in much better shape since the temps were dropping and that was helping the trail to firm up. Bones and Sable led the whole race and they really did a awesome job! Everyone pulled the whole way and we really had a smooth run. The best part is we really had nice consistent runs times. The first run was 6 hrs and 17 minutes, and the run back was 6 hrs and 13 minutes. I can say I am very proud of this team and can't wait for next season! We are going to have a lot of fun! Enjoy some photos!

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