Thursday, September 22, 2016


Training is in full swing and we are getting very excited for our up and coming race season! We have a lot of new and enthusiastic leaders this year and just can't wait for our first race to get here! 
We wanted to take the time and thank our sponsors from last year! What a big help that was, just wish we had a better winter! Hopefully this winter is a good one. We are going to introduce each one of the team members over the next month or so and try to get them some sponsors! 
We also might have a couple new and exciting things coming up in the next few weeks to month so stay tuned!! 

So first one I would like to introduce for sponsorship is Kaltag! He is one of our top notch leaders. Gee's over on command, almost better than his father Roland, who is the best Gee Over dog ever! Takes every giving command on a dime, willing to please, and has great stamina. Finished multiple 100 mile races his yearling year in harness. An absolute incredible male to have on our team! To say that I am just thrilled that he picked me when he was 6 wks old is an understatement. Everyone that knows him calls him the "princess" yes he is spoiled, he rides inside the cab of the dog truck when ever we go somewhere, and sometimes on cold nights will come and sleep on my bed! If you wish to sponsor this pretty near perfect athlete and team member please visit our website at or message me privately for more information! Thanks in advance!! 

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